Hey There!

My name is Sam and I'm a freelance creative in Orlando, Florida.

Hey There!

My name is Sam Sagarino and I'm a lighting designer and programmer in Orlando, Florida. I've been working in live production enironments since 2013 as originally an Audio Engineer and then making the hop over to lighting. I have experience designing, programming and operation large lighting systems for concerts, live theatrical performances and worship experiences. I also have a strong networking background, and have built and maintained a variety of ArtNET, sACN, Dante and other production networks.

What I Do Best

  • Lighting Design + Programming
    + Operation
    GrandMA2 + Onyx + ETC Express & Ion
  • Projection Mapping
    Arkaos Media Servers, Christie and Panasonic Projectors
  • Lighting + Video System
    Design & Integration
    sACN, ArtNet, Christie, Panasonic
  • Production Networking Design
    & Troubleshooting
    Extreme Networks, Medialon Show Control, Q-Sys, Shure Wireless Workbench, QLab
  • Consumer and Business
    Network Design & Installation
    UniFi, Extreme Networks
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More about me

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